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Petit Manan Island is a great place to watch spring migration as birds travel through the Gulf of Maine heading northward – many of them on their way to breeding grounds in boreal forest, taiga, and tundra habitats. We’ve sighted many exciting migrants in the past few weeks, especially warblers including: American Redstarts, Black-and-white, Yellow-rumped, Common Yellowthroat, Magnolia, Wilson’s, Yellow, Blackburnian, Black-throated Green, Black-throated Blue, Blackpoll, and Chestnut-sided Warblers. The fog has been heavy for the past few days, so many of the birds that stopped over on the island have delayed their departure, which means we have had extra time to view these distinct, colorful avian wonders. The Black-throated Blue Warbler pictured has been fastidiously feeding on insects at the north end of the island for at least three days now while waiting for the weather to break.  The migrating passerines have kept us on our toes and the binoculars glued to our faces. Stay tuned, we have a full season ahead!

Black-throated Blue Warbler fluffs his feathers

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