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Here on Petit Manan Island, we’ve been playing catch up after the long spell of fog that decended upon us shortly after wrapping up GOMSWG census. It’s been a little hectic, which is why this post is a little late.

The first day after the fog cleared was a beautiful day on PMI. We were finally able to get up the tower to count alcids for the first time in days. While taking a moment to admire the beauty of our island, we noticed a lot of trash marring that beauty along the western edge of the island. As a crew, we decided to walk the berm to pick it up, and upon closer inspection we realized it was almost entirely balloons…

51 balloons, to be exact.

On one small island, four people collected 51 balloons. Many of these balloons were clearly from recent high school and college graduations, but one in particular really got under my skin. We collected these balloons on the Wednesday following Father’s Day, and this balloon had hand written notes wishing the recipient “Happy Birthday and a Belated Father’s Day.” If you take a second to think about that, a “belated” Father’s Day suggests the balloon was given out after Sunday, which means that in a roughly 48 hour period, or less, that balloon made it’s way from who-knows-where, to the ocean, and to our island.

PMI is just one island out of hundreds off the coast of Maine, and it just happens to be inhabited during this time of the year. Think of all the uninhabited islands where balloons and other trash are washing up and no one is there to clean it up. Or the balloons that never make it back to land. I’m not here to tell you balloons are horrible and you are a bad person for buying some for your next celebration. I hope that by sharing the story of this one balloon, and 50 of its companions, you’ll take a moment to consider where that balloon will end up, and know that if not properly disposed of, that place may be in the stomach of a marine mammal, sea turtle, or the middle of a nesting seabird colony.

I know many of you were hoping for lots of chick pictures this week, but I couldn’t let that many balloons wash up without saying something. I promise the next post from PMI will be all about chicks. We are inundated with them, and though we don’t have guillemot chicks yet, we do have at least two very adorable, very fluffy, puffin chicks!



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