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Our first tern chicks are due tomorrow here on Petit Manan, and we’re psyched to see little cottonballs running around the island. We’ve been enjoying the phenomenal weather this week, and so have our nesting puffins that can be seen surfing on the waves. Using our burrow-scopes, we’ll check out how the alcid nests are coming along and try to sneak in some photos while we’re at it. Quite a few common murre have made themselves comfortable on Puffin Point, so we’re hoping to see a nest sometime!

This week we continued to identify tern nests based on species and finished our productivity plots, which will be used to keep our highly mobile tern chicks in place while we band and observe them over the coming weeks. In the meantime, resighting bands on puffins and terns is a fun way to pass the time. Watching over the colony from the lighthouse has become a relaxing activity, and an effective way of keeping our seabirds safe. One of these days we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the rarer seabirds that visit the coast during our observation stints. The light room also provides a stunning view of Cadillac Mountain, especially on foggy days. After the working day is done, we’ve made it a routine to watch the sunset over Petit Manan Point with some mugs of hot cocoa. So far it’s a wild time on PMI, and we’re looking forward to taking hundreds of tern chick photos and sharing them in our next post.


A very photogenic puffin posing for Amanda’s camera.


A pair of common terns loafing on the rocks.

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