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Greetings from beautiful Petit Manan Island!

My name is Joe, and I’m from the little village of Jefferson in Midcoast Maine. I’m currently attending Unity College, where I’m a third-year studying wildlife biology. Being on a seabird colony is truly exciting for me, as it’s my first time in the field and I’m an avid birder. Growing up with Maine’s wonderful coast makes this experience all the more enjoyable for me! I’m usually out birding, taking photos, and exploring as much of the state as I can in my free time.

At the moment, my favorite thing to do on PMI is stay up to listen to the enigmatic storm-petrels that nest on the island. We haven’t seen any due to their nocturnal behavior, but they make the funniest noises that are a joy to hear at night. Only two weeks in, and we’ve already had some amazing encounters with the local wildlife!

Howdy! My name is Amanda, I come from a small town of Rockport In Midcoast Maine. I currently am a second year at the University of Maine in Orono, studying Wildlife Ecology. My hobbies mainly have connections to the outdoors, including backpacking, attempting to go birding, and fishing.

Living on an island is a completely new experience to me, its not everyday that you get to live in the middle of a seabird colony. Also, pairing that with being my first season of field work, many awesome new things have happened. my favorite thing about PMI is the local Guillemots that nest and surround the island. They are charismatic birds that are truly adorable.

So far we’re preparing for the arrival of our first tern chicks by constructing plots to observe nests over the summer, and using burrow scopes to check in on our nesting puffins. We’ve seen some exciting things like black terns, bald eagles, roseate terns, and many migratory birds, and we’re looking forward to seeing more as the season progresses!




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