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Hey everyone,

It’s been a busy couple of days on Petit Manan Island. We’ve been working hard with a trusty team of amazing volunteers and other staff members from the mainland to complete our annual GOMSWG census. All this means is that we work to canvas the island from one end to the other counting and marking tern nests with popsicle sticks. The reason that this is important for us to do is that it allows us to get an excellent idea of how many nesting pairs of Common and Arctic Terns we really have here on PMI, and we can then compare this data to that of other years to see how our birds add up.

Overall, we had an excellent census, and although we’re still working on finalizing all of the data (there’s a lot of counting to do!) we hope to be able to share the numbers with everyone soon. In the meantime I would really like to give a HUGE shout out to everyone who came out to help us with census- the mainland staff- and especially to our volunteers, who willingly gave up two days worth of their own time just to brave the poop missiles and flying beaks to count some tern eggs with us! It really shows you that census is not just a time for collecting a bunch of data, but also a chance to meet new people and build connections with others who also share a wild passion for conservation.

Thanks again to everyone, and we’ll update you again soon!


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