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Hi my name is Alex Vidal and I am working on Petit Manan Island this summer.  I graduated from the University of Maryland in May 2016 with a biology degree.  I have been involved in wildlife research, field work, and management for over five years now.  I feel very lucky to have worked in some of the places that I have.  I’ve held jobs in Maryland, Florida, Idaho, Georgia, and now Maine.  I’ve gotten to work with wildlife like seaducks, raptors, and sea turtles.  Now I get the opportunity to study some really neat seabirds on Petit Manan Island.

The island is a bit colder than I expected.  The average temperature has been around 50 degrees which I am not used to in May.  I have lived in remote places before, but not quite like this.  PMI is only about 10 acres.  It is definitely a unique experience living in a place that you can walk to every corner of in minutes.  While PMI is a little on the cool and small size, it is proving to be a really neat place to live. The birds are fascinating and you can’t beat the views from the lighthouse.  I am excited to spend the summer here and hopeful that our cozy island will warm up just a little.


Our field house at sunset.  Photo by Chris Gilbert

The first week was somewhat slow on the island, but with each passing day it seems like we are getting more and more busy.  The puffins are hard at work finding a burrow to call their own, razorbills are pairing up, a handful of murres have made an appearance, and the guillemots come in droves every morning.  The terns are certainly getting geared up for the summer as well.  We are finding more and more of their nests every day.  Overall I am very excited for the summer to progress and grateful to have an opportunity to work on this island.


Puffin with nesting material.  Photo by Chris Glibert

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