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Greetings from the Brothers!  This is Jason’s and my first season working on the islands off the coast of Maine and it has already been a very exciting experience.  The first four days here on the Brothers were so sunny I think we actually got tan believe it or not.  Waking up early every morning and using a small inflatable dingy to cross the small channel to Eastern Brothers has been quite an entertaining experience and surprisingly a dry one too.  After scaling rocks and exploring every nook and cranny reachable on the island I think we are finally becoming true caretakers of this small slice of Scotland.

Looking East to Eastern Brothers Island

Although Bald Eagles greet us every morning it appears that our presence is deterring most of the predators from staying long on the Island.  This is great, especially since hundreds of Black Guillemots have returned to the island.  Their tiny squeaks create an incredible symphony in the mornings which coupled with their awkward water landings makes them quite an interesting bird to monitor.  Although Reggie our resident Common Tern appears to be doing all that is in his power to scare away new Terns that fly to Eastern Brothers we have seen as many as 7 new Common Terns  circling in groups around our decoy setup.  A few pairs have even been bold enough to land for the day.



Reggie protecting his decoy friends

I am hopeful that the terns will continue to come back and begin nesting on Eastern Brothers. 


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