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Our first reachable chicks, Ally and Barnabas, are really growing! When they first hatched 2 weeks ago they weighed 40g and have now reached 230g! Their diet is mostly rock gunnel along with herring that is delivered by both parents to them in the burrow. Along with their weight gain they are gaining pinfeathers on their wings which is the beginning of their juvenile molt.


20 cm wing chord at 2 days old


60 cm wing chord with pin feathers at 2 weeks old


We are finding new chicks that have hatched almost every other day! We now have 11 chicks that we are collecting data from and we’ve noticed adults delivering food to several other unreachable burrows.

In our free time we have been identifying plants around the islands and have tasted several of the edible plants. There is a variety of berries on the island including raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, bearberry, and crowberry. Mary made a tart jam by combining the cranberries from last year, which are still on the plant, with honey and lemon.  We have tried the leaves of rose root and seaside plantain and the inner stalk of bull thistle. There are also some beach pea pods, raspberries, and bearberries that will soon be ripe!


Rose root


Beach pea

We have decided that since we are essentially living in our own society, that we can create and celebrate our own holidays.  Yesterday was our 14th of July celebration (combining National Guillemot Day and the Fourth of July), where we grilled and set off sparklers!

14th of July

Enjoying the sunset in front of our freshly painted cabin on the 14th of July!



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