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Zak and I got a tasty surprise yesterday from our neighbor Gene: a bucket of lobsters!

We threw them straight into a pot and had ourselves a feast. We’re usually not the most sophisticated cooks out here (after reading their latest entry, I’d say Petit Mana takes that prize!) – pasta, hot dogs, and rice and beans are typical Metinic meals – so we were extra happy with such delicious fare.

IMG_3170 (800x600)

I whipped up some lobster macaroni and cheese (my favorite food of all time), while Zak ate his straight off the plate (plus a bit saved for later).

IMG_3174 (800x600)

Topped with Ritz crackers – I was out of bread crumbs

Thanks again to our wonderful neighbors!


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Here on Petit Manan Island we have been very busy with census and tern chicks! Our first chicks hatched on June 17th and it’s amazing to see how fast some have already grown. We especially appreciate the diversity of colors in our chicks. Some have a mottled brown plumage, while others are silvery grey. Even within a clutch, brother and sister may have very different colors. In a couple of weeks (around 21 days) those chicks will fledge. It will be interesting to watching them grow and develop over the coming month.


Over the week we spent two days conducting our island wide seabird survey. Biologists, staff and SCA students joined us from the mainland, and it was great fun to have everyone out for a few days. After adding up our numbers we found that the total number of nesting terns is down this year, unfortunately. Despite not know why numbers are down, we are confident that the nests we have are doing very well and are off to a great start.


We have also been very busy making delicious food here on Petit Manan. Yesterday evening we gathered periwinkles, dulse and mussels for our dinner. Jill made her special Alfredo sauce to go along with some pasta and we had ourselves a feast. Surprising to some, periwinkles are quite easy to cook and delicious!   


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