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Young Barnabas looking not too pleased with the photo shoot

We are happy to announce the long awaited arrival of our first black guillemot chicks!  Our first chick is named Avery William and appears strong and healthy (he is tucked far back in a dark burrow visible only with a flashlight).  His cousins Ally and Barnabas Beal hatched a few days later and are the cutest, 40 gram bundles of black down ever!  We have named them in honor of the folklore legend Tall Barney (Barnabas Coffin Beal, III), who lived and fished in the Jonesport/Beals Island area in the mid 1800’s.  He was known for his tall stature (6 feet 7 inches and possibly taller!) and unheard of strength.  We are hopeful that Barnabas Beal Guillemot and all his relatives to come grow to be strong and courageous like Tall Barney.


Tall Barney with son Napolean Beal

On another exciting note, despite the hours of fog we have endured this last week, we were able to find an hour of clearing clouds during which we spotted a razorbill actually perched on the eastern tip of the island next to the alcid sound system.  Attracting razorbills to Eastern Brothers Island is one of the main objectives of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge and so having one land and appear interested in the area is very exciting.  We have been seeing one razorbill in the adjacent waters almost every day for several weeks now and decided that it was time for a name.  Seeing as our local common tern is officially named Reginald, we thought that Ronald the Razorbill was a good fit.  Stay tuned for more adventures of Reggie and Ron!

Here is a parting image of the Eastern Brothers cliffs breaking through the fog on a warm, summer morning. ~Mary


EBI breaking through the fog. Photo by Jake


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