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People often ask us, how do you catch birds? Do you chase them with butterfly nets? Do you pounce on them?  No, we catch them with using stationary nets called mist nets.

We keep our nets open 6 hrs, 7 days per week and are checked periodically.  They are spread between three habitat types: forest, coastal scrub, and forest/scrub edge. During this time, we hope birds will fly into our nets which are hard to see when they’re open.  That’s why they’re called mist nets!

Once the birds fly into the nets, we are able to extract them (very carefully) and bring them back to the banding station. Birds are kept in fabric bags until they arrive at the banding station where we identify the species, band and age them, and take several morphological measurements.  Then we say good luck and release them!

Kristina sizing a red-breasted nuthatch’s leg before banding.

Our bird of the week is…the American Redstart!


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