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Petit Manan is an island that thousands of birds, representing a dozen species, call home during their breeding season.  Four researchers also call this island home for three months.  Our days are filled with avian amazement and we are fastidious with our observations, monitoring and recordkeeping.

Beyond our responsibilities to protect and monitor a thriving seabird colony, we are also stewards to this incredible island.  Stewardship can take many forms but one of the ways in which it is displayed during our field season is the collection of marine debris.


After collecting debris from the south side of the island, Jordan carries it to the boatramp on the north end.

Collecting marine debris from the shoreline of Petit Manan island was  one of our stewardship projects.  We collected 15 bags of trash as well as hundreds of broken buoys.


We also collected over 50 lobstertraps.  With the help of Refuge staff and Student Conservation Association interns we loaded all of the debris onto a boat back to the mainland.  It is important to keep our oceans and shores free of this litter.  Marine mammals and seabirds can easily get entangled in derelict fishing gear or mistakenly ingest flotsam such as floating plastics.


Sara, Jordan and Chris loading the broken lobster traps onto the boat


Thank you to the many hands that helped gather and load all of the marine debris.  Great Work!!

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