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The island staff out in the field, looking for Tern eggs; this one happens to be an Arctic.







     Two weeks have passed since I first came out Petit Manan to begin my summer internship and at this point I find it hard not to reflect back on the weeks prior to arriving here. I guess the first thing that came to mind was an almost constant state of nervousness leading up to the date of departure. How much food should I bring? What would happen if I got really sick? But most prominently, what if I don’t like it there? Even after discussing these matters with both present and past island staff I still could not calm my nerves until I, at last, spent my first couple of nights out here. Now I am here reporting that everything has fallen into place and life out on the island is incredible. Words cannot express the awe I felt when first arriving and seeing the cloud of terns that I am fortunate to spend my summer with, the pleasure of waking up to finding more nests than we have even been able to count filling up our tiny island, and the breathtaking beauty of watching a sunset from the top of the lighthouse that fills the sky with an almost divine pattern of auburn and vermillion rays that appear as if they are engulfing the heavens as we know it.


Image          Regardless of how I might have felt before, I can now say I honestly believe that this will be a summer that I will never forget. The things that seemed like what would be huge inconveniences before have become dwarfed by the remarkable experiences and firsts (like holding my first seabird) that have already passed and I know there will be many more that will leave with fantastic memories and proficiencies. In the end, I know I will have an amazing summer that will be unmatched by any of my life so far.


A Laughing Gull, the first seabird I held this season!




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